Specialty Pages

Turf Grass
A specialized climate and weather tool for the turf industry (opens in new web page)
Lawn Watering
An interactive tool that uses recent data to plan lawn watering and irrigation needs (opens in new web page)
Apple Frost Risk
Maps and animations of current apple frost risk (opens in new web page)
Grape Bud Hardiness
Maps, graphs, and animations of current grape bud hardiness (opens in new web page)
Mosquito Control
A resource for those who monitor and predict mosquito borne diseases (opens in new web page)
Extreme Precipitation
Maps and graphs containing information on intensity, duration, and frequency of extreme precipitation events in New York and New England (opens in new web page)
Stewart's Disease Risk
Map of the risk of Stewart's Wilt of corn during the upcoming growing season (opens in new web page)
Precision Nitrogen Model
A tool for calculating corn sidedress nitrogen rates (opens in new web page - login required)
East Coast Winter Storms
Seasonal forecasts and climatological data on winter storms along the east coast of North America (opens in new web page)