CLIMOD Data Access

The CLimate Information for Management and Operational Decisions (CLIMOD) system provides clients with web access to a vast amount of data and information in the NRCC database. Some examples of products available through the CLIMOD system include: daily temperature and precipitation observations, normals and records for several thousand sites around the country and monthly data summaries. Additional derived products, such as growing, heating and cooling degree day accumulations, that are useful for planning and managing climate-sensitive operations, are also available through the CLIMOD system.

The CLIMOD system is geared toward users who need climate data on an ongoing monthly or daily basis. Users who have a one-time or infrequent need for weather or climate data should contact the NRCC directly. CLIMOD is only available on a subscription basis. CLIMOD accounts may be quickly and easily established by calling NRCC user services at (607) 255-1751. Read the CLIMOD Usage Policy for details.

The following products are available through the CLIMOD system. Products are constantly being revised, so these descriptions might not accurately reflect the current products.