Data Services

Data and information are disseminated to NRCC clients via the internet, telephone, facsimile, and the mail. In addition, direct access to the database is provided by an interactive computer software system developed by the NRCC, known as CLIMOD (CLimate Information for Management and Operational Decisions). Telephone callers with specialized questions or requirements are handled by a dedicated, user services telephone line (607-255-1751) that is answered by NRCC staff during normal working hours, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Eastern time), Monday - Friday.

The user services line is backed up by a centralized answering and message system that responds to callers 24 hours a day. Nominal fees are charged to cover the costs of filling data requests or providing specialized types of climate information. NRCC also prepares two monthly publications and one seasonal publication summarizing climatic conditions in the Northeast.


The CLimate Information for Management and Operational Decisions (CLIMOD) system provides clients with web access to a vast amount of data and information in the NRCC database. Some examples of products available through the CLIMOD system include: daily temperature and precipitation observations, normals and records for several thousand sites around the country and monthly data summaries. Additional derived products, such as growing, heating and cooling degree day accumulations, that are useful for planning and managing climate-sensitive operations, are also available through the CLIMOD system.

The CLIMOD system is geared toward users who need climate data on an ongoing monthly or daily basis. Users who have a one-time or infrequent need for weather or climate data should contact the NRCC directly. CLIMOD is only available on a subscription basis. CLIMOD accounts may be quickly and easily established by calling NRCC user services at (607) 255-1751. Read the CLIMOD Usage Policy for details.

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Effective January 1, 2009

Service Charge$14 charged to all orders
Service Fee is in addition to all other listed charges.
Rush Service
(delivery guaranteed within 24 hours)
$25 additional fee
Super Rush Service
(delivery guaranteed within 2 hours)
$50 additional fee
Digital Summary of the Day$5/one month or
$10/first year + $10/any additional years
$5 for each additional station
Digital Hourly Observations$10/one month or
$20/first year + $5 for each additional year
Digital Monthly Data$5/station-element +
$1 for each additional station-element
Daily Data Printout
$5/first month +
$1 for each additional month
Daily Data Printout
(calendar format)
$5/first element-year +
$1 for each additional element-year
Hourly Data Printout$5/first day +
$1 for each additional day
Monthly Data Printout$5/station-element +
$1 for each additional station-element
Photocopies of NCDC publications$3 to $4/publication
Specialized summaries based on daily data
(including precipitation extremes summaries)
Specialized summaries based on hourly data
(including solar radiation and evaporation estimates, wind roses, and bin temperatures)
Certification letter$25
Notarized letter$20
FedEx/UPS Shipping$10 minimum or total shipping cost
Fax Services$1/page
Photocopy Services1-10 pages included in Service charge
$.25/page in excess of 10 copies
Staff Time$125/hour - professional staff
$75/hour - support staff
New York Climate$15 per year (12 issues)
New England Climate$15 per year (12 issues)
New York Cooperative Snow Survey$10 per year (5 to 7 issues)
NRCC Research Publication RR 93-1 (Snow Atlas)$24
Other two-color atlases$15
All other publicatons$10


Monthly Publications

Each month NRCC compiles "New York Climate" and "New England Climate", which summarize climatic data from more than 500 cooperative observers, National Weather Service offices, and sites maintained by state and private institutions located in New York and the New England states.

During the winter months, NRCC compiles data on snow cover and distributes a publication entitled "New York Cooperative Snow Survey" on a monthly or bi-weekly basis as needed. This publication contains tables and maps of average snow depth and water equivalent of the snow cover for all major drainage basins in New York State.