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A Slight Shift in the Pattern

In a change from the past two months, some previously dry areas were quite wet while a few previously wet areas were much drier. For instance, Bridgeport, CT, had its third driest August but its fifth wettest September 1-15 period. Average temperatures mostly continued where August left off - warmer than normal. For example, Philadelphia, PA, had a record hot August followed by its 12th warmest September 1-15 period.

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Climate News

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After a slow start to the Atlantic hurricane season, the Atlantic is seeing a lot of activity in September. Hurricane Fiona is off the U.S. east coast and Tropical Depression Nine is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane before impacting Cuba and Florida. Tropical Storm Gaston is over the central Atlantic and two other disturbances are being monitored. See the National Hurricane Center for up-to-date information and our August webinar on forecasting the hurricane season.

Website Highlights

Weather Station Data

Weather Station Data includes location-specific information, such as wind data, evapotranspiration, and daily almanacs.

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CLIMOD 2 is a user-friendly website to find single-station and multi-station climate products for locations accross the country. For example, the Seasonal Ranking report produces a graph and table of extremes or other summaries for a specified period for each year.

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State & Regional Analyses

These provide several map types, regional climate summaries, snow survey data, and drought information.

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The Monthly Maps offer a variety of monthly precipitation and temperature departure maps for any given month for the Northeast region or a selected state.

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Analyses for Industry

Analyses for Industry shows products the NRCC has created through partnerships with various industries.

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Extreme Precipitation in New York & New England includes tables of estimated precipiation amounts for a range of durations and frequencies, IDF graphs, and classication of extreme events.

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Climate Change Resources

Climate Change Resources includes normal difference maps as well as climate links.

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Climate Links offer an abundance of resources for the Northeast across multiple sectors …

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Webinars & Workshops

Webinars & Workshops provides recordings and presentations from the monthly webinar series, as well as information on past and upcoming workshops.

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The Northeast Regional Climate Center hosts a monthly webinar series with NOAA affiliates to address timely weather and climate concerns.

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Publications & Services

Publications & Services includes the NRCC blog, quarterly outlooks, as well as other reports and publications.

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The Quarterly Outlooks are seasonal climate highlights and outlook for the upcoming season for the Eastern, Region, Great Lakes, and Gulf of Maine. Published in March, June, September and December.

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