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Orange You Glad It’s Mid-November?

mid-Nov tdpt map

The first half of November was quite warm, with average temperatures 4°F to 8°F above normal in many areas.

The calendar says mid-November, but warmer-than-normal temperatures have made it feel otherwise. The shades of orange and red on the above map show average temperatures were running anywhere from 3°F to more than 8°F above normal. Thirty-one of the 35 major Northeast airport climate sites ranked the month so far among their top 10 warmest, with Islip, NY and LaGuardia Airport, NY being record-warm. November 6 was a particularly warm day–temperatures were up to 25°F above normal and half of the airport climate sites set record high temperatures.

mid-Nov temp chart

At the airport climate sites, temperatures ranged from nearly 4°F to 9°F above normal.

mid-Nov pdpt map

November has been a dry month, with precipitation ranging from 25% to 90% of normal for most areas.

Shades of orange and red also dominated the precipitation map above, indicating drier-than-normal conditions. Some areas in New England saw less than 25% of normal, but for the majority of the region, precipitation totaled 25% to 90% of normal. There were a few spots in the Mid-Atlantic and near the Pennsylvania-New York border that saw more than 125% of normal precipitation, though. All but two of the 35 airport climate sites saw below-normal precipitation, with 11 of them ranking the time period among their top 20 driest.

mid-Nov precip chart

Precipitation at the airport climate sites ranged from 13% of normal in Portland, ME to 143% of normal in Binghamton, NY.

The color orange even makes an appearance on the snowfall table below. With temperatures well above normal and precipitation below normal, it’s not surprising that snowfall has generally been lacking across the region. Thirty-one of the airport climate sites normally see measurable snow during the first half of November, but this year only Binghamton, NY has seen it.

mid-Nov precip chart

Only one of the 35 airport climate sites has seen measurable snowfall so far this November.