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Spring Frost

The last spring frost for areas in the Northeast can sometimes be challenging to predict.

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Northeast Region El Niño Impacts and Outlook (October 2018)

This report for the Northeast features an overview of typical El Niño weather patterns, potential impacts, the winter outlook, and a comparison of previous El Niño winters.

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Northeast Drought Update

This page offers drought information by state, with links to regional and national drought web pages.

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Standardized Precipitation Index Maps

The Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) is a way to measure dry or wet conditions based on precipitation.

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Climate Perspectives

This tool places recent climate conditions in both a historical and geographical perspective.

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Turf Grass

Weather for the turfgrass industry, including disease risk, turf and weed development, irrigation information, and heat stress.

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CLIMOD 2 uses the Applied Climate Information System (ACIS) to produce single-station and multi-station climate products. For example, the Seasonal Ranking report produces a graph and table of extremes or other summaries for a specified period for each year.

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Climate Resources

An abundance of resources for the Northeast across multiple sectors …

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Monthly Maps

View a variety of monthly precipitation and temperature departure maps for any given month for the Northeast region or a selected state.

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Quarterly Outlooks

Seasonal climate highlights and outlook for the upcoming season for the Eastern, Region, Great Lakes, and Gulf of Maine. Published in March, June, September and December.

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