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Fall Ends on a Cool, Dry Note

Much of the Northeast saw below- or near-normal temperatures during November, the opposite of the other fall months which helped skew the full fall season to the warm side of normal. While November, and October, were generally drier than normal for many areas, September featured precipitation extremes. Exceptional wetness in some coastal areas during that month pushed LaGuardia Airport, NY, to have its wettest fall on record. November and fall snowfall were generally limited outside of some lake-effect zones and parts of northern New England.

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Climate News

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Strong El Niño Expected to Impact Northeast During Winter
Strong El Niño conditions were present and strengthening in the equatorial Pacific Ocean during October. During El Niño winters, coastal areas tend to be wetter (and sometimes snowier) than normal due to a favored storm track along the East Coast. This pattern is reflected in the Climate Prediction Center's latest winter outlooks. However, other factors can influence the region's weather patterns leading to varying conditions. You can learn more about those weather patterns, potential El Niño impacts, the winter outlooks, and a comparison of previous El Niño winters here -

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Weather Station Data

Weather Station Data includes location-specific information, such as wind data, evapotranspiration, and daily almanacs.

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CLIMOD 2 is a user-friendly website to find single-station and multi-station climate products for locations accross the country. For example, the Seasonal Ranking report produces a graph and table of extremes or other summaries for a specified period for each year.

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State & Regional Analyses

These provide several map types, regional climate summaries, snow survey data, and drought information.

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The Monthly Maps offer a variety of monthly precipitation and temperature departure maps for any given month for the Northeast region or a selected state.

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Analyses for Industry

Analyses for Industry shows products the NRCC has created through partnerships with various industries.

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The Roadway Freezing/Thawing page has cumulative freezing and thawing index maps for Maine, New Hampshire, and the Northeast region. The Minnesoata Department of Transportation has recommended guidelines for applying and removing winter weight premiums and spring load restrictions based upon these indices.

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Climate Change Resources

Climate Change Resources includes normal difference maps as well as climate links.

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Climate Links offer an abundance of resources for the Northeast across multiple sectors …

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Webinars & Workshops

Webinars & Workshops provides recordings and presentations from the monthly webinar series, as well as information on past and upcoming workshops.

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The Northeast Regional Climate Center hosts a monthly webinar series with NOAA affiliates to address timely weather and climate concerns.

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Publications & Services

Publications & Services includes the NRCC blog, quarterly outlooks, as well as other reports and publications.

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The Quarterly Outlooks are seasonal climate highlights and outlook for the upcoming season for the Eastern, Region, Great Lakes, and Gulf of Maine. Published in March, June, September and December.

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