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mid-spring tdpt map

The region continued to see below-normal temperatures through mid-spring.

While the calendar says mid-April, temperatures so far have not felt spring-like in the Northeast. All 35 airport climate sites saw below-normal temperatures during the first half of spring. Parts of northern New England and upstate New York had departures of over six degrees below normal.

mid-spring sdpt map

So far this spring, snowfall has been plentiful in some areas, but missing in others.

Some sites barely saw snow during the first half of spring, but others saw plenty of it. For example, Binghamton, NY, was 15.2 inches below normal for snowfall, but at 16.8 inches above normal, Washington Dulles, DC, had its snowiest first half of spring. Precipitation was also nearly split, with 18 sites above normal and 16 sites below normal.