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Climate & Weather Information for New England Water Utilities & Stormwater Managers

NOAA and its partners at the Northeast Regional Climate Center are hosting a virtual workshop for small- to medium-sized water utilities and stormwater managers serving 100,000 or less. The focus of the workshop is on “Climate & Weather Information for Water Utilities & Stormwater Managers”.

We are experiencing the impacts of climate change in New England including extreme precipitation and flooding that continue to create challenges for water managers. This series of 4 virtual sessions (each 2 hours) is intended to assist in understanding precipitation extremes in a changing climate, and to access tools that will help build resilience to these extremes. The workshop will be presented in partnership with the EPA, on the importance of resilient water management and additional tools for planning and preparing for climate change. After attending all 4 sessions you will have not only knowledge of, but hands-on experience using practical and easy-to-use climate and weather tools that can assist you in managing extremes in your town or city. We will also hear from cities and water managers who have been moving towards greater resilience to precipitation extremes so we can learn from their experiences.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Raising awareness of climate changes we are already seeing in the region and what changes we can expect in the future.
  • To hear from other cities and water managers on how they have planned, prepared, and become more resilient for extreme weather events in a changing climate.
  • To introduce and explore tools that can aid water utilities and stormwater managers in meeting resilience requirements and preparing for future conditions.
  • NOAA gains insight into possible new tools to be developed and regional organizations gain insight into how they can better partner with or serve water managers.

Workshop Overview

Dates and Agendas

Session 1: Extreme Precipitation July 14 1:00pm to 3:00pm Agenda

Session 2: Drought July 16 1:00pm to 3:00pm Agenda

Session 3: Flooding July 28 1:00pm to 3:00pm Agenda

Session 4: Weather & Climate Info for Risk Assessment & Planning July 30 11:00am to 1:00pm Agenda

Presentations & Recordings

Session 1: Extreme Precipitation

MS4 Regulations & Extreme Weather

Historical & Future Extreme Precipitation

Planning for Bad Weather: A Utility's Perspective - Portland Water District

Precipitation Atlases - 2020

Session 2: Drought

Historical & Future Drought Conditions

Water Supply Challenges & Solutions - Town of Castine, ME

U.S. Drought Monitor

EPA Drought Response & Recovery Guide

Session 3: Flooding

Webinar title slide
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What Makes a Big Flood in the Northeast?

EPA Introduction

Boston Water & Sewer Commission

EPA National Stormwater Calculator (SWC)

Session 4: Weather & Climate Info for Risk Assessment & Planning

Webinar title slide
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Preparing Cambridge for Climate Change

Connecticut Utilities - Building Resilience

Three NOAA Tools for Water Resource Managers & City Planners

Pre-Workshop Webinars:

Planning for Weather & Climate: Climate Resilience Toolkit

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Individual presentations (pdf):

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit (David Herring, NOAA/Climate Program Office)

Water Resources Dashboard (Nancy Beller-Simms, NOAA/Climate Program Office)

Drought: U.S. Drought Monitor

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Individual presentation (pdf):

The United States Drought Monitor (Brian Fuchs, National Drought Mitigation Center)

Extreme Precipitation: NOAA Atlas 14 & Extreme Precipitation in New England

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Individual presentations (pdf): (Art DeGaetano, NRCC)

NOAA Atlas 14 (Michael St. Laurent, UCAR CPAESS)

Other Resources

About Weather & Climate Information for Water Utilities

These resources include webinars and tools from a Water Utilities series held in spring/summer 2020.