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September Report Card

sept pdpt map

September was a dry month for much of the region.

For September precipitation, the Northeast got a D, for dry, as 29 of the 35 first-order climate sites reported below-normal rainfall. Eight sites ranked this September among their top 20 driest while two ranked it among their top 10 wettest. Harrisburg, PA, was the driest site at 29 percent of normal and Caribou, ME, was the wettest site at 131 percent of normal.

sept tdpt map

Temperatures were generally below normal, except in parts of Maine and West Virginia.

As for September temperatures, the Northeast got a C, for cool, as it was a cooler-than-normal month at 30 of the 35 sites. Twenty-seven sites were within one degree of normal. Five sites ranked this September among their top 20 coolest and one site ranked it among their top 15 warmest. The greatest departures were in Atlantic City, NJ, which was 2.6 degrees cooler than normal and in Caribou, ME, which was 1.7 degrees warmer than normal.