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Halloween Weather - Frightful or Delightful?

Witches and pirates walk down the street, while superheroes and princesses ask for sweets to eat. It must be Halloween! Here’s a look at average conditions on All Hallows’ Eve at the 35 major climate sites based on each station’s period of record.

temp chart

Average maximum, highest, average minimum, and lowest temperatures on Halloween at the major climate sites.

The hottest haunt tends to be Charleston, which averages a maximum temperature of 66.4°F and boasts a freakish 86°F on Halloween, the highest of all the sites. However, the weather can be downright spine-tingling on Halloween in Caribou and Concord. Caribou averages a minimum temperature of 30.9°F but Concord is home to the coldest Halloween, a bone-chilling 14°F.

Precip graph

The chance of measurable precipitation on Halloween at the major climate sites. Click to enlarge.

The appropriately named Erie has a ghoulishly good chance of precipitation at 48%. However, LaGuardia Airport had the most wickedly wet Halloween of all the sites, seeing 3.30 inches. On the other hand, there’s little chance that rain will ruin your spirits near Dulles Airport, which has just an 18% chance of precipitation.

snow chart

Probability of measurable snow and at least 1 inch of snow depth on Halloween at the major climate sites.

Prefer your Halloween shrouded in snow? Twenty-two spooktacular sites average a chance, albeit a small one, for measurable snow, with the greatest likelihood, 6%, in Caribou and Rochester. Snow-covered jack-o’-lanterns must have been a boo-tiful sight in Caribou, the location of the snowiest Halloween, with 7.6 inches. The chances of having at least an inch of snow on the ground when trick-or-treating aren’t too hair-raising, with the probability at 8% or less for (unlucky number?) 13 sites, Caribou having the highest. You might be startled to learn that the site with the greatest snow depth on Halloween was not Caribou but, in fact, Beckley. Due to Hurricane Sandy, the site had a spellbinding 15 inches of snow on the ground.

There have been several monstrous storms on or near Halloween including Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the 2011 Halloween nor’easter aka “Snowtober,” and the “Perfect Storm” or “No-Name Storm/Halloween Storm” of 1991. As October 31 nears, visit the National Weather Service website for local weather conditions.