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Spring to Summer

Temp map

Average temperatures were not far from normal for much of the region during the month of June.

June brought warmer-than-normal temperatures to more than half of the 35 major climate sites in the Northeast. For five of those locations, this past June was amongst their 20 warmest on record. Temperature departures ranged from 2.7˚F above normal in Huntington, WV to 1.8˚F below normal in Caribou, ME. Unseasonable frost led to crop damage for farmers and gardeners in northern Maine and in parts of New Hampshire during the middle of the month.

Temp chart

Locations towards the northern part of the region recorded cooler-than-normal temperatures this past June.

Many parts of the Northeast experienced a drier-than-normal June. Newark, NJ received only 47% of normal precipitation, which ranked this month as its 15th driest June on record. Drought conditions returned to the region by the end of June for the first time since May 3. Only 1% of the region was abnormally dry (in southern New Hampshire) at the start of the month but by the end of June, 25% of the entire Northeast was abnormally dry and 6% was experiencing moderate drought.

Precip map

The majority of the Northeast received less precipitation than normal during June, except for parts of West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Areas that experienced flooding in late May continued to receive more rainfall than usual during the month of June. Baltimore, MD received 138% of normal precipitation during this past month as areas nearby continued to recover from catastrophic flooding only a few weeks prior. Some other areas that had wetter-than-normal conditions this month include Bridgeport, CT and Pittsburgh, PA. Both of those locations ranked this June among their 20 wettest on record.

Precip chart

Precipitation ranged from 47% of normal in Newark, NJ to 145% of normal in Elkins, WV.