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Fall Kickoff

mid Sept tdpt map

Summer-like warmth spilled into fall.

Meteorological fall kicked off with warm temperatures for most of the Northeast. All but two of the 35 airport climate sites were warmer than normal, with temperatures running up to 3.9 degrees F above normal. Will the warmth continue? The Climate Predication Center is forecasting an increased chance of above-normal September temperatures for most of the region.

mid Sept pdpt map

Much of the region has been drier than normal during the first two weeks of September.

A large portion of the region was quite dry during the first half of September. The majority of the airport climate sites saw only 11 percent to 74 percent of their normal September rainfall. Some of these areas have been experiencing abnormally dry conditions, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. The few sites that were wetter than normal were quite wet, though. Departures for those sites ranged from 136 percent of normal to 268 percent.