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November 7-8 Nor’easter

noreaster snow totals chart

Snow totals ranged from a dusting to more than 6 inches.

Snow blanketed areas in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts on November 7th with some storm snowfall totals exceeding a foot. Many communities are still in the early stages of recovery from Hurricane Sandy as an early season Nor’easter skirted the coast of the Northeast and brought wind gusts of 40-60 mph, snow and rain, coastal flooding, and below normal temperatures. Many daily snowfall records were broken, and it was the first time for snow to fall on November 7th at Newark, Atlantic City, Central Park, JFK, Islip, LaGuardia, and Providence since their record keeping began. It was also the earliest for this much snow to fall at Newark, Atlantic City, Bridgeport, Central Park, JFK and Islip. Early snowfalls aren’t unfamiliar to the Northeast - just last year on October 29th many stations had over an inch, again with some areas accumulating over a foot of snow.