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Few Northeast areas will have a white Thanksgiving this year.

Probabilities Map

Snowfall probabilities based on 1989-2018.

Historical probabilities, based on the last 30 years, show us that Anchorage, AK is the most likely to have a white Thanksgiving with a 70% probability to have snow on the ground. Northeast cities have a 0% (Mid-Atlantic) to 63% (Caribou, ME) chance of a white Thanksgiving.

probabilities table

Currently, only a small percentage of the United States has snow on the ground.

Snow & ice cover

Current snow & ice conditions (as of November 21) provided by the NOAA, U.S. National Ice Center.

The outlook provided by the NOAA, Climate Prediction Center favors above-normal temperatures for the Central and Southern Plains, the middle and lower Mississippi Valley, and the Southeast U.S. This includes West Virginia and a few other small areas of the Northeast Region. Other areas of the Northeast, shown in grey, are expected to have near-normal temperatures. The outlook indicates elevated probabilities for below-normel temperatures across much of the Western U.S. and northern High Plains. In the Northeast, it’s likely that only areas of northern New York and interior New England will keep snow on the ground for Thanksgiving.

Temp forecast

Outlook issued by the Climate Prediction Center.