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Cold Start to April

Temperatures have been below normal for many of the climate sites throughout the Northeast during the first half of the month. The beginning of April has ranked amongst the top 20 coldest on record for 15 of the 35 major climate sites in the region. Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC were the only major climate sites in the region that experienced above-normal temperatures during this time period.

April tdpt map

The beginning of April brought below-normal temperatures to much of the Northeast.

April data

Temperature departures ranged from 8.6 degrees F below normal in Syracuse, NY to 0.5 degrees F above normal in Baltimore, MD.

The beginning of April was snowier than normal for many areas in the Northeast. Six inches of snow have fallen so far this month in Bridgeport, CT, making it the second snowiest start to the month. Eighteen of the major climate sites have experienced their 20 snowiest starts to April on record. Elkins, WV has received only a trace of snow so far this month, which is 4.1 inches below normal for that area.

April snow chart

Snowfall departures ranged from 5.9 inches above normal in Hartford, CT to 4.1 inches below normal in Elkins, WV.

April snow map

Portions of Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Maine had the greatest snowfall surpluses during the beginning of April.

The majority of the Northeast received less precipitation than normal during the first half of April. In fact, eight of the major climate sites have ranked the beginning of the month as among their 20 driest starts to April. For the Washington, DC area, the mere 0.18 inches of precipitation they have received since the start of April ranks as their fourth driest start to the month on record. Farther to the west, Beckley and Charleston, WV have received over 200% of normal precipitation so far this month, causing both stations to rank this time period as their 15th wettest start to the month.

April precip chart

Precipitation amounts ranged from 11% of normal at Washington National, DC to 202% of normal in Charleston, WV during the beginning of April.

April precip map

Many areas in the Northeast experienced below-normal amounts of precipitation in the beginning of the month.