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A Wet & Wild June

June pdpt map

June was an extremely wet month for the region.

June was a soggy month across the Northeast, with many areas seeing more than 130 percent of normal precipitation. Baltimore, MD had a record-wet June with 378 percent of normal. Another 30 airport climate sites ranked this June among their top 20 wettest. The rainfall helped ease dry conditions, but also caused flash flooding. In addition, nearly a dozen tornadoes touched down in the region and a 4-inch hailstone fell in Baltimore County, Maryland, making it only the fourth time since 1950 that hail of that size has fallen in the state.

Average temperatures for June generally ranged from 4 degrees F below normal to 4 degrees F above normal. The 35 airport climate sites were nearly split, with 19 sites wrapping up the month on the cool side of normal and 16 sites on the warm side.