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Will there be snow on the ground for this year’s Thanksgiving holiday?

Probabilities Map

Snowfall probabilities based on 1987-2016.

We can look at historical probabilities to give us a clue. Based on the last 30 years, Anchorage, AK is the most likely to have a white Thanksgiving with a 77% probability to have snow on the ground. Next is Caribou, ME with a 53% probability. The Mid-Atlantic area only has a 3% probability.

probabilities table

Most of the Northeast is expected to have a dry day this Thanksgiving, based on the National Weather Service precipitation forecast below. The exception is areas east of Lake Ontario that could see additional lake effect snowfall.

precip forecast

National Weather Service probability of precipitation forecast.

Currently there is snow cover on areas around the Great Lakes, the far northern latitudes, and the Intermountain West. Check the updated graphic below to see who has the white stuff!

Snow & ice cover

Current snow & ice condition provided by the NOAA, U.S. National Ice Center.

If you like to reminisce of holidays past, last year some areas had two feet of snow prior to Thanksgiving!