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First Snow of the Season

frost table

Average, earliest, latest, and this year’s date of the first fall frost at the major climate sites.

Mild conditions dominated September and October, but November ushered in a colder weather pattern across the Northeast. Over the past several days, sixteen major climate sites experienced their first frost. For a couple of those sites, the frost arrived two to three weeks later than usual, ranking among the 10 latest first frosts on record. For instance, Syracuse’s first frost typically happens around October 12 but this year’s didn’t occur until November 4, three weeks late and tying as the site’s sixth latest first frost since 1903.

snow table

The average date of first measurable snow ranges from late October to late December.

The average date of the first measurable snow (0.1 inches) ranges from late October in Caribou to late December in Atlantic City. Yesterday (November 7), parts of the region saw their first measurable snow. For the major climate sites in central and western New York, the arrival was right on time, but for Caribou, it was a little later than usual.

snow table

The average date of the first inch of snow ranges from early November to early January.

The average date of the first inch of snow ranges from early November in Caribou to early January at LaGuardia and Kennedy airports as well as Atlantic City. While none of the major climate sites had received their first inch of snow as of yesterday, plenty of other weather observation sites had.

outlook maps

Below-normal temperatures are likely for the entire region during mid-November. Click to enlarge.

outlook maps

The region has an increased likelihood of seeing cooler, wetter weather from November 15-21. Click to enlarge.

Below-normal temperatures are expected to hang around through the next two weeks, according to NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. In addition, there’s a tilt towards wetter-than-normal weather for coastal areas for the November 13-17 period and for the entire region for the November 15-21 period. Both climatology and the colder, wetter weather pattern tell us that the first snow could be arriving in additional areas soon. For your local weather forecast, visit the National Weather Service’s website.