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March - In (and Out) Like a Lion

Mar tdpt map

Temperatures continued to be well below normal in March.

March felt more like a continuation of winter than the start of spring in the Northeast. All 35 airport climate sites were colder than normal, with 28 of them ranking this March among their top 20 coldest. In fact, Washington Dulles, DC and Caribou, ME had their coldest March on record.

March sdpt map

Snowfall missed the center of the region during March, but was abundant over southern and northern areas.

While some areas had an abundance of snow in March, others ended the month with a snow deficit. Of the 17 sites that saw above-normal snowfall, 15 ranked the month among their top 20 snowiest. Washington Dulles, DC had its snowiest March on record. On the flip side, 18 sites saw below-normal snowfall, with 8 ranking the month among their top 20 least snowy. Precipitation was also split between above- and below-normal.