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And Now for Something Completely Different - Heavy Rain!

sep 30 rain total map

Rain totals ranged from 0.25 inches to more than 4 inches.

The Northeast’s weather pattern has been dominated by high pressure the past few weeks, but yesterday and today, a slow-moving cold front wrung out tropical moisture over the region. The result was up to 7 inches of rain. Alfred, NY had a 1-day total of 4.37 inches, which makes it a 50-year event, meaning precipitation of that magnitude is only expected to occur once in a 50-year period. This information can be found on the NRCC’s extreme precipitation site. Below are some more rain totals from CoCoRaHS. By the way, if you don’t participate in CoCoRaHS, you should! It’s a great tool that is used by forecasters, researchers, engineers, emergency managers, and so on. Check it out at

coco rain totals chart

Some of the higher rain totals in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic reported via CoCoRaHS.