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The Hottest Time of the Year

July max temp normal map

Normal max temperatures during July.

July is the hottest month, with normal max temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the upper 80s across the region. At the 35 major climate sites, mean max temperatures range from 76.0°F in Caribou, ME, to 88.4°F at Washington National, DC. July is the month (or tied with other months) with the all-time highest average temperature at all but one major climate site.

July highest max temp table

The highest July temperature at the 35 major climate sites.

The highest July temperature at the major climate sites is 108°F, which occurred in Charleston, WV, Huntington, WV, and Newark, NJ. For 27 of the 35 sites, their highest temperature for July is (or tied) their all-time highest temperature on record. Only five sites haven’t reached 100°F in July: Caribou, ME, Buffalo, NY, Binghamton, NY, Erie, PA, and Elkins, WV. All but Erie haven’t reached the 100°F mark in any month.

The Northeast’s all-time highest temperature (according to NCEI data) is 112°F on July 10, 1936 in Martinsburg, WV (and August 4, 1930 in Moorefield, WV). The all-time high temperatures for 10 of the 12 Northeast states occurred in July (or tied with other months).