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A Slow Start to Summer

mid-june tdpt map

June 1-15 average temperatures ranged from 6°F below normal to 2°F above normal.

The first half of June has been colder than normal for a majority of the Northeast, with temperatures generally ranging from 4°F below normal to near normal. A few spots were even colder, as much as 6°F below normal. However, there were a couple of areas that were up to 2°F warmer than normal. Thirty of the region’s 35 major climate sites were colder than normal, with this June 1-15 period ranking among the 20 coldest on record for Binghamton, NY, and Charleston, WV.

mid-june temp chart

Average temperatures for June 1-15 at the major climate sites ranged from 2.9°F below normal in Binghamton, NY, to 0.9°F above normal in Boston, MA, and Baltimore, MD.

mid-june pdpt map

June 1-15 precipitation ranged from 25% of normal to more than 200% of normal

Precipitation varied during the first half of June, ranging from 25% of normal to more than 200% of normal. The driest areas were generally in southern New England and southwestern and central Pennsylvania, while the wettest areas were generally in Delaware, eastern Maryland, northwestern and southeastern Pennsylvania, and northern New York. Four of the 20 wetter-than-normal major climate sites ranked this June 1-15 period among their 20 wettest.

mid-june precip chart

Precipitation for June 1-15 at the major climate sites ranged from 44% of normal in Bridgeport, CT, to 197% of normal in Wilmington, DE.

Summer is expected to average out to be warmer than normal for the entire Northeast based on the summer temperature outlook from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. The season could also be wetter than normal in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia. Equal chances of below-, near-, or above-normal precipitation were predicted for most of New York and New England.

temp outlook map

A warmer-than-normal summer is favored for the region.

precip outlook map

There is a slight tilt towards wetter-than-normal conditions for summer for areas shaded green.