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Summer Fun Facts

Summer 2017 has been an interesting season for precipitation. Here are a few tidbits.

  1. Binghamton, NY, had its greatest number of days with measurable rain (0.01 inches) for summer on record (since 1951). More than half of the days so far this summer have had measurable rain, 47 days out of 84 to be exact. That’s 12 above average and there’s eight days to go in the season.

bgm days with precip table

Binghamton, NY, has seen a record number of days with measurable rainfall this summer.

  1. Williamsport, PA, had three days this summer with at least 2 inches of rain, which is their greatest on record (since 1895) for the season. Two of those days were in July, which tied as the greatest for July, too.

ipt days with precip table

Williamsport, PA, has seen a record number of days with at least 2 inches of precipitation this summer.

  1. Allentown, PA, has seen over six month’s worth of precipitation in less than three months. From June 1 through August 22, the site received 21.85 inches of rain. However, from January through June, the site averages 21.13 inches.

abe days with precip table

Allentown, PA, received more rain this summer than they normally average in the first six months of the year.