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A Not So Wintry Start to Winter?

mid-dec pdpt map

December so far has been wet for some and dry for others.

mid-dec sdpt map

December snowfall has also been hit-or-miss.

Much of the Northeast was wetter than normal during the first two weeks of December. Half of the 35 airport climate sites ranked the period among their top 20 wettest, with Kennedy Airport in New York having its wettest start to December on record. While it was quite wet in the region, that did not necessarily mean snowy. Twenty-seven sites received below-normal snowfall, with Elkins, WV and Huntington, WV having their least snowy start to December on record.

The majority of the Northeast saw temperatures from 2 degrees F below normal to 2 degrees F above normal during the first half of December, with the warmest areas generally in West Virginia. The Climate Prediction Center says there is an increased chance that December will wrap up on the warm side of normal in the region.