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January Summary

jan tdpt map

January featured temperatures than were more than 2°F above normal.

An Arctic chill from the 22nd through the 25th dropped temperatures 15-20° below normal. Just a few days later, from the 30th through the 31st, twenty sites set record highs. Despite the rollercoaster ride of temperatures the last 10 days of the month, January ended warmer than normal at all first-order stations. In fact, January 2013 ranked in the top 30 warmest for several sites including Dulles Airport which had its 8th warmest January on record.

jan pdpt map

Precipitation varied during January.

The first nine days of January were dry across much of the Northeast. That precipitation deficit was hard to over come as 24 climate stations were drier than normal for the month. Boston, MA, was the driest site at 32 percent of normal, their 7th driest January. The other 11 stations were wetter than normal with the wettest being Beckley, WV, at 170 percent of normal, their 22nd wettest January on record.