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November Heats Up

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Several sites saw one of their 10 hottest November days on record, with Caribou and Portland, ME, being record hot.

The Northeast experienced a period of unusual warmth from November 6 to 11. With high temperatures of up to 83°F, some sites had/tied their hottest November day including Brockton, MA (80°F); Hemlock, NY (79°F); Caribou, ME (75°F); and Portland, ME (74°F). In fact, multiple days during the period ranked among the 10 warmest for November. For instance, Caribou not only had its hottest November day, it also recorded its second, fifth, and eighth hottest November days. Low temperatures in the 50s and 60s ranked among the 10 warmest for November at several sites, with Burlington, VT (60°F), having its warmest November low temperature on record.

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Low temperatures ranked among the 10 warmest for November at a few sites, including Burlington, VT, which was record warm.