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Boston Marathon Climatology

The 2016 Boston Marathon will take place on Monday April 18th. It will be the 120th race, which began in 1897. April in the Northeast can have a wide range of weather so we decided to look at the marathon climatology.

stats chart

Observations from the Boston City WSO (1897-1935) and Boston Logan Airport (1936-2015) were used to compile these statistics.

The race has fallen on different days ranging from April 15th to April 21st, the normal highs during this time period are 55 to 58 degrees F. High temperatures have been 55 degrees or warmer for 61% of the races, 14% have been 70 or warmer, and only 5% have been 80 or warmer. Looking at cold races, 8% have had a high of 45 degrees or cooler.

What about wet races? There was measurable precipitation for 39% of races, 19% have had a tenth of an inch or more, and 6% have had a half-inch or more. Over one inch fell in 1984! Snowfall is still possible in April. There was measurable snowfall on the day of the 1961 race.

This year the forecast looks to be warmer than average. The National Weather Service has the current forecast and weather conditions.

Good luck to our own regional climatologist, Keith Eggleston, who will be running in the marathon on Monday!