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The Highs and Lows of Summer 2014

Aug pdpt map

August precipitation totals varied across the region.

Precipitation was highly variable during August. Some sites saw extreme rainfall: Islip, NY, had its wettest August on record at 354% of normal. Other sites were quite dry. For instance, Newark, NJ, which is roughly 60 miles west of Islip, received only 48% of normal rainfall (7th driest August on record). Precipitation during the other two summer months was also highly variable. For the summer season, 23 sites were wetter than normal, one was at normal, and eleven were drier than normal.

Aug tdpt map

Temperatures in August generally ranged from near normal to more than 3 degrees below normal.

Summer wrapped up with near-normal temperatures for much of the Northeast. Of the 35 airport climate sites, 28 were within 1°F of normal. While the season started off with a warm June, temperatures were mixed in July, and below normal in August. In fact, 33 of the airport climate sites were cooler than normal during August.