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June - Leaning Cool and Dry

June tdpt map

June average temperatures ranged from 3°F below normal to 3°F above normal.

June average temperatures ranged from 3°F cooler than normal in areas such as southeastern New York and eastern Pennsylvania to 3°F warmer than normal in areas such as western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia. At the 35 major climate sites, June average temperatures ranged from 2.6°F below normal in Allentown, PA, to 1.7°F above normal in Newark, NJ, its 13th warmest June. Overall, 22 of the major climate sites experienced a cooler-than-normal June.

June temp table

While 22 major climate sites had a cooler-than-normal June, Newark, NJ, had its 13th warmest.

June pdpt map

June precipitation ranged from 25% of normal to more than 200% of normal.

June precipitation varied widely, ranging from 25% of normal in spots such as western New York and western Massachusetts to more than 200% of normal in spots such as northern New York. Twenty-seven of the 35 major climate sites were drier than normal, with overall precipitation ranging from 43% of normal in Erie, PA, its 18th driest June, to 144% to normal in Elkins, WV. This June was among the 20 wettest for three major climate sites.

Moderate drought and abnormal dryness expanded this month, particularly in New England, due to factors such as below-normal precipitation, low streamflow and groundwater levels, and declining soil moisture. For the most up-to-date conditions, please visit the Northeast DEWS Dashboard or the Northeast Regional Climate Center’s weekly drought update.

June precip table

This June was the 18th driest on record for Erie, PA, but ranked among the 20 wettest on record for three other major climate sites.

outlook maps

There’s a tilt toward above-normal precipitation and above-normal temperatures for parts of the Northeast. Click to enlarge.

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center indicates July is expected to be wetter than normal for the southeast corner of the Northeast, with equal chances of below-, near-, or above-normal precipitation predicted for the rest of the region. Most of the Northeast could experience a warmer than normal June, with the exception of northwestern Pennsylvania and parts of western and northern New York where equal chances were predicted.