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Snow Season Starts

Oct 21-22 rainfall map

Rain totals for October 21 and 22 exceeded 5 inches in some areas.

A potent low pressure system brought heavy rain to portions of the region late last week. The greatest rain totals of over 7 inches were reported in central Pennsylvania. The heavy rain had both negative impacts, flash flooding, and positive impacts, likely improving drought conditions in some areas.

Oct 23 snowfall map

Daily snow totals ending at 7 AM on Sunday, October 23 from NOAA’s Northeast River Forecast Center.

Cold air moved into the region behind the system, with parts of the Northeast seeing their first accumulating snow of the season this past weekend. Higher elevations of northern New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire saw up to 7 inches of snow between Saturday morning and Sunday morning. For several of the sites, the first inch of snow fell a bit ahead of schedule. When can the rest of the region expect its first inch of snow? On average, it’d be expected sometime from early November to early January based on data from some of the Northeast’s major climate sites.

avg date first inch of snow chart

Average, earliest, and latest first inch of snow dates (based on 1981-2010) at several of the region’s major climate sites.