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Mid-January, A New Year

Jan snow map

Most of the region has still seen below normal snowfall amounts.

A new year, new weather? Only slightly. While there has finally been measurable snowfall, most of the region, including 29 of the 35 major airport climate sites, has still received below normal snowfall amounts. The departures are not as great as they were in December though, and lake-effect prone areas such as Buffalo, NY and Erie, PA have received above-normal snowfall.

Jan snow chart

Most sites still have below normal snowfall.

Jan temp map

So far in January the region has ranged from near to above normal temperatures.

Most areas have experienced more winter-like temperatures this month, but many are still averaging above-normal temperatures. The warmth has not been as extreme in December, and the largest departures have been in New England. Southern areas have been near to slightly below normal.

Jan temp chart

Thirty sites are warmer than normal, with five cooler than normal.