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Middle of Fall - Warm for (Almost) All

mid-fall tdpt map

Fall has been running more than a degree above normal for almost the entire region.

The first half of fall 2013 was a warm one in the Northeast. Looking at data from September 1 through October 15, 34 of the 35 first-order climate sites were warmer than normal. In fact, 10 ranked the first half of fall 2013 among their top 20 warmest. Elkins, WV, had the greatest departure, 3.1 degrees above average, while Atlantic City, NJ, was the lone cool site with a departure of 0.1 degrees below average.

mid-fall pdpt map

Precipitation was a little less uniform, with some very dry areas and some very wet areas.

Precipitation was lacking at some sites and abundant at others during the first half of fall 2013. Twenty-three sites were drier than normal, with 6 ranking among the period among their top 20 driest. Newark, NJ, had the greatest departure of the dry sites at 34 percent of normal. On the opposite end of the spectrum, 12 sites were wetter than normal, with 5 ranking the period among their top 20 wettest. Harrisburg, PA, was the wettest site at 201 percent of normal.