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October’s Over

Oct tdpt map

October average temperatures ranged from 3°F below normal to 3°F above normal.

The middle month of meteorological fall brought temperatures that were within 1°F of normal to a large portion of the Northeast. Parts of northern New York and northern New England, though, were 2 to 3 degrees F cooler than normal. On the flip side, parts of western Pennsylvania and West Virginia were 1 to 3 degrees F warmer than normal. Of the 35 major Northeast airport climate sites, 30 sites were within 1°F of normal.

oct temp chart

All 35 airport climate sites were within 2°F of normal.

Oct pdpt map

October precipitation generally ranged from 50% of normal to 200% of normal .

Most of the region saw near- or below-normal precipitation in October. The driest areas, which were scattered throughout the region, saw 50-75% of normal precipitation. However, parts of coastal New England and western Pennsylvania saw 150-200% of normal. Twenty-two airport climate sites saw below-normal precipitation, while another 13 sites saw below-normal precipitation.

oct precip chart

Precipitation ranged from 44% of normal to 146% of normal at the airport climate sites.

As for snowfall, 16 airport climate sites normally see measurable snowfall in October. This year, only 3 sites reported measurable snowfall.