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White Thanksgiving

white thanksgiving chart

Chances of a white Thanksgiving.

The best chance for a white Thanksgiving is in Anchorage, AK, but if you want to stay in the lower 48 states Maine is the best choice. Caribou has a 60% chance for snow on the ground based on the past 50 years. The more important concern may be weather on the busy travel days surrounding the US holiday. Cleveland, OH and Seattle, WA have a 54% probability of precipitation on the eve of Thanksgiving; Seattle, WA has a 68% probability of precipitation on Black Friday. Snowfall on either of those days is most likely in Alaska and Maine. If you’re looking to stay dry, the bet’s on Vegas! There’s only a 4% probability for precipitation in Las Vegas, NV on November 23rd, though there is a 16% probability for the 21st.

Note: These are probabilities based on historical records from 1962-2011. Forecasts are available from the National Weather Service.