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February & Winter Summary

Feb tdpt map

February temperatures were well below normal.

February was yet another colder-than-normal month for the Northeast, with the coldest areas located mainly in Pennsylvania and New York. Erie, PA, had the greatest departure, -7.9 degrees. The winter season (December through February) featured below-normal temperatures, as well, with departures generally between 1 and 5 degrees below normal.

winter sdpt map

Winter snowfall was hit-or-miss, with areas from southern Pennsylvania
to Long Island being hit and northern New York being missed.

Most Northeast sites received above-normal precipitation in February, with departures generally between 100 and 200 percent of normal. Combined with a wet December, most of the region ended up wetter-than-normal for the winter season. It was a snowy February for the region as 28 of the 35 major Northeast cities ranked the month among their top 20 snowiest. In fact, Scranton, PA, had its snowiest February on record. The winter season was particularly snowy for areas closer to the coast. Allentown, PA, and Islip, NY, had their snowiest winter seasons on record. However, some typically snowy places such as Rochester, NY, and Burlington, VT, finished the season with below-normal snowfall.