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2013 Comes to a Close

Dec tdpt map

December temperatures ranged from more than 4°F below normal to more than 3°F above normal.

December featured opposite extremes in temperature as the 35 first-order climate sites were nearly split between above- and below-normal temperatures. Departures ranged from +3.0 degrees in Beckley, WV, down to -5.3 degrees in Caribou, ME. The ups and downs in temperature through 2013 averaged out so that 34 sites wrapped up the year within one degree of normal. Eight sites even ranked 2013 among their top 20 warmest.

2013 pdpt map

Precipitation totals for 2013 hovered near normal for much of the region.

Precipitation abounded during December, with all but one site seeing above-normal precipitation. In fact, sixteen sites ranked the month among their top 20 wettest. Some of that precipitation came in the form of snow, with 25 sites receiving above-normal snowfall and sixteen of those ranking the month among their top 20 snowiest. Despite the extra precipitation, some areas remained under abnormally dry or moderate drought conditions. Annual precipitation totals ended on the wet side of normal for twenty sites, while thirteen sites landed on the dry side for the year (and two sat squarely in the middle). Ten sites ranked the year among their top 20 wettest, while six sites ranked the year among their top 20 driest.