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March - Wet Not White

mar precip map

March precipitation fell mainly as rain, instead of snow.

March 2010 was notable for its lack of snow and abundance of rain, particularly in eastern portions of the Northeast. Four of the normally snowiest cities in the region: Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, NY and Concord, NH, did not see any measurable snow this month. At the other end of the spectrum, Central Park, NY, Boston, MA, Providence, RI and Portland, ME were among 9 locations that set new precipitation records for March. Providence, RI saw their wettest month ever, and Worcester, MA had its 2nd wettest month. Most of the 12-plus inches of rain that drenched southern Maine to eastern Connecticut fell from the 13th-15th, 22nd-23rd, and the 29-30th. These events caused varying degrees of flooding, some devastating enough to force evacuations and qualify for federal disaster relief.