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March - More Winter Than Spring?

mar tdpt map

Most of the region was colder than normal during March, but Maine was quite warm.

Despite March being the start of spring, winter-like conditions hung on across much of the Northeast. It was cooler than normal for 32 of 35 first-order climate sites, with 11 ranking March 2013 in their top 30 coldest. Beckley, WV, had the greatest temperature departure at -6.8°, making it their 6th coolest March on record. On the other hand, Caribou, ME, had a departure of +5.3°, making it their 9th warmest March. This March seemed particularly cool when compared to March 2012’s record setting warmth.

mar pdpt map

March ended on the dry side of normal for much of the Northeast.

All but two climate sites received below normal precipitation in March, with 18 sites ranking it in their top 30 driest. Portland, ME, received only 37% of normal precipitation while the lone wet site, Atlantic City, received 111% normal. Despite the overall lack of precipitation, snowfall was above average for 23 sites. In fact, 17 of them ranked this March in their top 30 snowiest. Worcester accumulated an extra 19.5 inches, making it their 7th snowiest March.