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Tornado Count Up This Year

The Northeast has seen more tornadoes than average this year. Based on data from NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center, the Northeast averages 46 tornadoes per year, but this year between January 1 and August 9, the region has had roughly 50 tornadoes (based on National Weather Service storm surveys). Eight of the region’s twelve states have had at least one tornado. Below is a table that shows the tornado count for each state so far this year and how that compares to their annual average.

tornado county table

Tornadoes so far this year compared to the 30-year annual average.

Maine and Pennsylvania are the standouts. Maine had five tornadoes on May 1 and a total of seven so far this year, which is well above the state’s annual average of two tornadoes. Pennsylvania has had the greatest number and is also already above their average annual tornado count.

monthly tornado table

Monthly tornado count this year compared to average.

So far this year, all months except April have seen an average or above average number of tornadoes. As is typical in the Northeast, June and July were the most active months. If you’d like to compare how each state’s tornado count for a specific month compared to average, these two links will let you do that - the Storm Prediction Center’s monthly tornado averages by state and year-to-date storm reports. Please note that the storm report count may differ from the tornado count on this page.