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Record-Challenging Warmth

MARCH 10 UPDATE - Twenty-eight sites set or tied their high temperatures records on March 9. Several sites had their earliest 80°F or warmer day on record. For other sites, it was the warmest temperature they had reported that early in the calendar year. Temperatures were well above normal. For instance, the high of 81°F in Albany, NY was 40°F above its normal March 9 high temperature!

mar 9 records info

New record high temperatures for March 9 were set or tied at 28 sites.

With high pressure off the southeast coast, a southerly flow of air will bring warm conditions to the Northeast, especially on Wednesday, March 9.

mar 9 sfc map

The surface map shows high pressure off the southeast coast, ushering in warmer temperatures.

High temperatures this time of year normally range from the upper 30s in western/central New York and northern New England to the low to mid 50s in southern West Virginia and the nation’s capitol. This year, though, highs will be running 20°F to 30°F above normal. Forecasted high temperatures at eleven airport climate sites are expected to be equal to or higher than the sites’ March 9 records. Another six sites have forecasted highs within 2°F of their March 9 records.

mar 9 info

Forecasted highs, record highs, and normal highs for March 9.

The warm temperatures are expected to stick around for the foreseeable future according to the Climate Prediction Center’s forecasts.

winter temps table

The 6-10 day forecast calls for an increased chance of above-normal temperatures.

feb pdpt map

Above-normal temperatures are expected to continue through much of the month.