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A Soggy, Mild October

Oct pdpt map

October precipitation ranged from 75% of normal to more than 200% of normal.

October precipitation ranged from near normal to more than 200% of normal for a majority of the Northeast. The wettest areas were generally located in West Virginia, western Pennsylvania, and eastern New York. All but one of the 35 major climate sites had a wetter-than-normal October. In fact, it was Burlington, VT’s wettest October on record, and the month ranked among the 20 wettest Octobers on record for 28 other major climate sites. The rain was much-needed, particularly in West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. For example, on the heels of Beckley’s all-time driest month on record (September), the site had its third wettest October on record. Similarly, Huntington, WV, had its fourth wettest October after having its second all-time driest month on record. West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware had been dealing with moderate to severe drought conditions but the October rainfall allowed the Northeast to become free of drought for the first time since early September.

Oct precip chart

Burlington, VT, had its wettest October on record. In total, 29 of the major climate sites had one of their 20 wettest Octobers.

Oct tdpt map

Average temperatures for October ranged from near normal to 6°F above normal.

October started off with record-setting heat and wrapped up on the warm side of normal for the entire Northeast. Average temperatures for the month were as much as 6°F above normal, with the largest departures generally in Pennsylvania and areas south. All 35 major climate sites had a warmer-than-normal October, with 23 of the sites ranking this October among their 20 warmest on record.

Oct temp chart

This October ranked among the 20 warmest on record for 23 major climate sites.

nov temp outlook map

A colder-than-normal November is expected in the Northeast.

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center indicates November will likely be colder than normal in the Northeast, particularly in New York and New England, but winter is expected to average out to be warmer than normal for the region, with the greatest chance in eastern New York and New England. As for precipitation, equal chances for below-, near-, or above-normal precipitation were predicted for the entire region for November, with a slight tilt towards a wetter-than-normal winter in parts of the Northeast. Our November webinar, which is on the 26th at 9:30 AM, will focus on the winter outlooks and ENSO. A registration link will be available on our webinar page around mid-November.

winter temp outlook map

The Climate Prediction Center’s temperature outlook for winter shows above-normal temperatures are favored for the region.

winter precip outlook map

For winter, above-normal precipitation is predicted in areas shaded green, while equal chances are forecast for areas shaded white.